Haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world. 78% of all Haitians live in poverty and over half that percentage are children. Since the earthquake in January 2010 it has left the country in a truly desperate situation. We now have the opportunity to make a gigantic difference by sending missions teams to share the love of Jesus to the people of Haiti. We will do this by partnering with orphanages and local communities by providing food, water filters, medical clinics and children’s events. This may be your opportunity to step out and make a difference in Haiti


Missionary: Miriam Frederick  newlife4kids.org

Local Orphanages

Feeding program

Water purification program

Mission Teams


$40 Support Clean Water Project

$40 Support feeding program




Ministry Focus-

-       Children’s Day Camp

-       Medical

-       Handyman

-       Construction 


Haiti Water Video:This is an update video from our missions trip in January 2014 where we helped repair and provide a new well.