Our Mission is to "GO" Here, There and Everywhere to share the abundant life found in Christ - John 10:10.

We do missions because we love Jesus and want his name to be famous throughout the world. We do this by breaking down our missions into three areas Here - Local, There - Stateside and Everywhere - International.

Missions is NEVER about just taking a trip but rather building relationships and changing lives.
— xroadsmissions

Our mission is to go HERE, THERE, and EVERYWHERE to share the abundant life found in Jesus Christ (John 10:10).  We want to share the hope and love of the Gospel to those who have never heard the good news of Jesus. Our desire is to build lasting relationships and partnerships as we serve in Nicaragua, Honduras, and Haiti.

We believe when people SERVE, it leads to life change. We have great opportunities to serve people all around the world. When we choose to serve, whether HERE (Local), THERE (Stateside), or EVERYWHERE (Global), the impact of that service will change the lives of those serving, the people they serve, and those that see them choosing to serve.

Through Jesus, we can change lives.